project management

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project management

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What can project management tools provide?
Good project management tools that facilitate the overall project management process, both for project managers and other team members.

Project management requires that team members be kept informed and informed of all work developments and the tasks assigned to them, whether in terms of delivery times and follow-up of discussions or observations and amendments that may be required by a task, and this requires constant communication and follow-up with all team members, and here comes the role of such tools to facilitate operations Communicate and follow-up and make it more effective, efficient and save time and effort without the need to communicate with each person individually.

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 Rather, these tools represent a common space for all those involved in the project, enabling them to communicate, share, view, and follow up on everything related to the project first-hand, without the need for emails or chat programs that consume a lot of employee time and focus.

Teams that do not use management tools and communicate within the work environment send an average of 300 emails per week as internal messages within a team, and it takes more than two hours per day to read and respond to those messages 1, and therefore it was important to rely on project management tools to accelerate the work.

Also, these tools can track the tasks that each person in the team is working on, knowing what tasks have been accomplished and what is expected to be done soon, if there is any work pressure on the team, i.e. people who have time to work on more tasks According to the latest work assigned to it, all of this by just looking at the control panel for the tool used and without the need for direct inquiries from the people concerned.

Thanks to all these characteristics and advantages provided by these tools and the resulting flexibility, flowchart and ease in controlling the administrative operations of projects and making them more efficient, effective and productive, work environments today witness more demand for the use of teamwork platforms and project management tools.

Statistics indicate that 7 out of 10 technical projects use one of the project management tools, about 97% of those projects said that using these tools enabled them to serve more customers, and made them more efficient and productive at a rate of 12% over the time they were not used None of these tools. 2 3

In the following lines, we will get to know 8 of the best of these tools that can be used in managing any type of projects, whether small or medium-sized and in any field.

The best project management tools
1 - Trello
Use Trello to manage projects effectively

Trillo can be used through the website, an app for smart devices, or even a desktop application. It is based on the principle of Kanban in project management, which is a method that distributes tasks on cards and cards are distributed into columns representing the stages that the tasks go through.

Cards and lists can be organized and arranged based on priority, schedule, or any other appropriate method of work and project. With the possibility of discussing the rest of the team members within each card and mission, scheduling and archiving options, reminders, notes, and the ability to assign tasks to the people responsible for them.

Which makes it an excellent way to manage projects away from the torrent of emails, conversation groups and follow-up messages, since everything takes place in one place, and everyone can reach and interact with different work tasks easily and flexibly, making it the preferred means of managing job tasks for many teams , Especially that it is free with the option to subscribe to get more benefits that are not available in the free membership.
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Other similar tools: Buckets - PinTask - BrightPod

2 - Airtable
Airtable business assignment tool

Airtable is used by more than 30,000 projects, companies, small, medium and large enterprises (4). It enables users to manage their projects and organize the tasks they work on according to what are known as relational databases that are in the form of tables (rows and columns).

If you prefer to use excel files to organize their work tasks, then this tool is most likely for you, you will find an interface somewhat similar to the rows and columns that we see in Excel with the ability to switch the display style to be according to the Kanban system, exhibition, or task schedule, or You can design and save your own view for use in all your future projects.

Sharing options with the rest of the team, communicating through group discussions, sending direct messages, uploading and sharing files from different sources, scheduling, alerts, reminders and many other project management requirements you can find in this tool that you can use with the free version with limited benefits or you can subscribe to More than one option is available to suit the tool any type of small or large project.

Other similar tools: nTask - Hansoft - Notion

3 - Asana
Asana tool for team work

The Asana tool was launched in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz who was a founding partner on Facebook before leaving and heading to found this tool due to the need for technical companies for this type of tool to organize their business according to what he had seen during that period.

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