Technological development

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Technological development

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Technological development
As a result of the massive industrial and technological revolution that invaded the world in recent times, a large group of what are known as electronic devices on which man developed and continues to develop in order to meet the many and different needs with ease and with the least time and effort has emerged, and it has contributed to the development of many areas, most notably communication And the communication that made the world more attractive and communicative, as if they were in a small spot all together.

Electronics is defined as a science that specializes in electronic devices and how they work, and the basic principle that depends on it is the flow of electrical current in those devices, as it is concerned with the design of electronic devices and the basic parts that compose them, and electronics are used in many fields such as the radio, computer and others.

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electronic devices
They are devices that use modern industry electronic materials and tools that are characterized by accuracy, ease of installation and maintenance, so that they are used to perform specific and distinct functions and are used to derive precise and specific results, as the person has poured out all the information, skills and technologies in the production of those distinctive devices that help a person, and like any It is a technical development that carries many positive things that helped the prosperity of society and people and develop them together. It also contains obstacles and negative trends that lead to the destruction of society and its retreat if it is used incorrectly.

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Electronic devices damage
Although these high technologies are very beneficial, there are negative reasons, most notably the following:

Body pain: As it caused many pain in the neck and back, as a result of the continued use of it.
Addiction: A person has become addicted to using these devices and never separates them because they contain many things that allow him to meet his needs in life in an easy, fast and simple way.
Reducing sleep hours: I worked to reduce the number of sleep hours due to continuous sitting on them for long periods, and thus caused many psychological problems among the user; as a result of lack of sleep.
Body infections: Medical reports stated that these electrical devices cause many diseases for humans, because they contain large quantities of bacteria and viruses, the most prominent of these diseases are gastroenteritis, cancer and other diseases.
Hand cramps: due to the constant use of devices, especially in electronic games or chat programs that take a long time from humans.
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